Common Montessori Misconceptions #4

"Montessori is an out-dated and antiquated teaching method"

My personal opinion on this one is; if people do a brief (ex. a general 5 minute "Google search") they get a VERY limited understanding on who Maria Montessori was, the reasons she developed a teaching philosophy, and how she started implementing it. This type of extremely singular investigation does not allow the searcher to learn the full depths of Dr. Montessori's philosophies on early years education.

In the 1900's, she developed learning materials (in conjunction with other leaders at the time like Seguin) and developed a strategy for how and when to present each material to a student (based on their Windows of Sensitivity). The reason her materials, methods of presentation, and overall curriculum is still being used today is - IT WORKS!!

Over a hundred years later, the Pink Tower, Sandpaper Letters, and Trinomial Cubes (to name a few) hold just as valid an educational benefit to a preschool child as they did back in Montessori's day.

However, she also advocated in the advancement of early years education, and that it NEEDS to be adapted as new developments in child psychology, child development, and pedagogical advancements are made.I truly believe if Maria Montessori were alive today, she would WANT to see her fellow Montessorians continuing to use and adapt her materials and curriculum to meet the needs of current children.

Our program strives to continually find innovative ways to merge the Montessori Method with the latest advancements in DAP's (developmentally appropriate practices) for early years education, all while ensuring we are retaining the core elements of the Montessori Method: the Prepared Environment, the children being intrinsically motivated learners, and the teachers knowing when each student is ready to be challenged with harder lessons (through constant observation and watching for Sensitive Periods).

In our Classroom, you will find both the traditional Montessori learning materials as well as high-quality educational materials selected by our educators, for their outstanding educational properties. And we believe Maria would be happy, to see us merging her Method with current developments in early learning and child care!