Donate to St. James Montessori School

St. James Montessori School is a non-profit charitable organization and relies heavily on donations and the fundraising efforts of all of our families.

All donations to SJMS will receive a tax receipt for the donated amount.

If you have a workplace Charitable Payroll Deductions system in place, you can find us under: St. James-Assiniboia Montessori Association Inc.

Our School's philosophy is simple: We feel all families have a right to choose high quality Montessori education for their preschool child, for an affordable price. We remain committed to ensuring our school will remain a non-profit program - and find solutions to the large financial barriers that come with this decision.

For-Profit Montessori Schools in Winnipeg charge families on average $30 - $80/Day for their child's space. The Enhanced Nursery School Operating Grant allows us to reduce our fees to $5.00/Day. This means all families, no matter their socio-economic status, can choose a high-quality Montessori experience for their child. 

While Manitoba is one of the leaders in offering early child care funding it does not cover all of the expenses an early learning program. All licensed non-profit early learning programs, whether they are a full time preschool program or a nursery school like ours depend on donations and their annual fundraising initiatives as a crucial piece of their operating revenue. Manitoba’s operating grants do not provide any additional funds to retain staff with higher levels of post-secondary education such as ECE III Degrees and Montessori training or acquire more expensive Montessori learning materials.

We are grateful for all acts of charity – it all goes directly into the long term success of our school by enhancing our programming, our staff, and the quality of each child’s experience.

If you would like so more information about donations, sponsorships, or bursaries, please contact us anytime.

We greatly appreciate your kindness and support.