St. James Montessori Snack Policy

Due to the severity and increasing number of food allergies, the St. James Montessori School has developed a policy for providing snack which best protects the Teachers, the Board, but most importantly – the children at risk.

Our Goals

  • To provide a safe and healthy self-serving snack - an essential part of the Montessori environment.
  • To meet the requirements of MELCC’s Licensing Regulations and Best Practices – providing a small snack consisting of at least two out of four Food Groups, one being either a fruit or vegetasble (as outlined by Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Nutrition)
  • To provide a small snack, free of life-threatening ingredients, such as nuts and peanuts.
  • To note and/or exclude, where possible, non-life threatening ingredients.

We are a Nut-Aware Program, which means we will not store or serve any foods that may contain peanuts or tree nuts. We ask all families to support us in this policy, for the safety of not only our students, but also those within Lincoln Middle School, by not bringing any foods that may contain nuts into our building.

Snack Foods are provided by the School. As part of our program, we provide a daily snack for your child to enjoy in our classroom. These snacks are pre-planned, and a monthly Snack Menu is posted on our Parent Board for families to see what their child will be enjoying each day at snack time. 
We also have a minimum of three out of the four food groups represented at each snack, and strive to include as many foods from multiple cultures. 

We do not ever force a child to eat with us, and we do not force them to eat any food during snack time that they do not wish to consume. We do encourage children to be adventurous, and to try new foods; but we never force them if they do not want to. Due to the number of life threatening allergies in the school, we do not allow children to bring in outside foods for snack.  

If your child has any food allergies, it is imperative to let the School know immediately. 

There are specific forms we require families to fill out if their child has any food allergies or sensitivities, and will take all necessary precautions to ensure your child does not come into contact with that allergen while in our program.

Alternate snacks for food PREFERENCES (such as Vegetarian or Vegan) cannot be provided. We will ensure your child is not served these foods, if requested, in order to respect and support your family’s choices; but a substituted special snack will not be provided.