we are currently full for the 2017/18 school year.
please register for the waiting list below or CONTACT US FOR INFORMATION ON ENROLMENT.

All spaces are filled for the following School Year after our February Open House; families are contacted in chronological order using our yearly Waiting Lists.  Families are required to place their child on ALL years their child is eligible to enrol during (up to and including the Kindergarten Year) as wait list entries are NOT transfered from year to year.  You can do this by submitting as many waiting list entries below as you require.  You do NOT need to submit seperate entries for the same year (selecting different space options), as we will contact you when we get to your name on the wait list and offer all open spaces no matter what your preference selected below was.  Once you hit "Submit", your wait list entry has been emailed directly to our Executive Director; you do not need to send an email or call for confirmation.

Criteria for 2018-2019 Enrolment

Date of Birth must be April 2016 or later & your child must be fully potty TRAINED*

The St. James Montessori School enrols families each year based on our waiting list, as per Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care Licensing Regulations.  This Waiting List has the upcoming 5 School Years on it, and families are encouraged to place their child on this list as soon as possible, to increase their chances of being offered a space down the road.

Families are also required to place any younger siblings of currently enrolled students on the appropriate year's Waiting List, if they are interested in having additional children attend in upcoming years. Only Returning Students from the previous School Year are given priority at enrolment; for all other spaces, we enrol children based on the waiting list, and in the order families requested to enter onto it.

If you are unsure which School Year you want your child to enrol (ex. they are 2.5 years in September, so you may want to wait an additional year to start) please ensure you submit TWO applications for BOTH year's waiting lists.

Please Note:  We do not accept any Fees from families until a space for your child is offered by SJMS. Please do not send Fees until they are requested by SJMS.

*as per MELCC’s Licensing Regulations for Nursery Schools

Morning classes are from 9:00am - 11:30am Afternoon classes are from 1:00pm - 3:30pm
The school year starts in September of each year.
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